Thanks to the synergy that has been created with Pizza Group USA, one of the largest suppliers of ovens and equipment: thanks to their fifty years of experience, they can offer the best possible advice on their entire line of equipment.

Francesco Gennari (Pizza Group) and Michele Pagano (Pinsa Romana Consulting)

Pizza Group develop and manufacture all the technological solutions for pizza and pinsa needs and offer, a wide range of products to customize and complete all for your business. 

One of the flagship products of the Pizza Group line is the new “Dragon” oven, ideal for semi-industrial production output, thanks to ADPV System, it has been engineered to deliver perfect control over pizza baking parameters. 

The Dragon, cutting edge of the Pizza Group Oven line

Dragon is the exact example of what Italian manufacturing can do: It is easy to adjust and energy efficient. The result is continuous production of consistently baked Pinsa, with all the flavor and distinctive marking of the best hearth baked crust combined with the labor savings and speed of a refractory stone conveyor.

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Our Testimonials

My restaurant for a long time wasn't going the way I wanted: after consulting with Pinsa Romana Consulting and especially Michele, I'm working like I did in the pre-pandemic period, making my business go full steam ahead

Theresa Baker
Pizzeria Owner

With Michele, I finally rediscovered the joy of doing my job: with Pinsa, I finally found the key to the success of my store

Massimo Lori
Italian Bakery Owner

I was looking for a business to feel like my own, and since I have always liked the culinary field, I looked for what solutions the web offered me: after trying Pinsa Romana Consulting and opening my first Pinseria I am really satisfied with the result. Thank you!!!

Robert D. Perin
Brand-New Pinseria

I requested a consultation from Pinsa Romana Consulting for my Bistrot, the result? A great contribution of knowledge and experience, which allowed me to increase the workload of my restaurant in just a few weeks!

Stacey M. Schirmer
Bistrot Owner

After trying for a long time to turn my restaurant around, I finally decided to go with consulting. I have never made a better decision in my life, kudos to the Pinsa Romana Consulting team.

Nino Kolar
Restaurant Owner