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We are a Full-Service Consulting and Training, from as you can discovery everything’s you need to know about Pinsa Romana from scratch to make and sell pinsa romana in all different channel.

Pinsa Romana Group has gained all-around experience in the Pinsa industry, and that translates into high professionalism:

– In teaching

– In the design of large-scale workshops

– In the conception and implementation of new restaurant concepts

-In starting/managing franchise chains, both in Italy and abroad.

-The key people in our organization make their skills available to the client with the aim of achieving the set goal in a short time and avoiding mistakes and costs determined by inexperience.



Why Choose Us


From the choice of suppliers and equipment, raw materials and staff training to the image of your establishment, Pinsa Romana Group will take care of every aspect of your Pinseria.

We provide Consulting, courses, and training directly to you: as a full-service agency, we provide a comprehensive set of services for startup companies. Work with an agency that has experience starting companies across a multitude of industries. Work with experienced business consultants to start your new business.


We assist entrepreneurs and investors with services to start, excel, and grow, getting started can be a complex task, with so many unknown factors to consider as an entrepreneur, and much more you enter in something really new.

The Pinseria is not simply the place to produce and sell Roman Pizza, a well-organized facility with functional spaces, a rich and appropriate menu, analysis of raw materials, marketing actions, design of objectives, a venue suited to your personality, choice of equipment and training, are only part of the success.

We provides consulting and dedicated individual courses directly to your locaton.Pinsa Chef according to your specific needs and they will follow you through the right steps to optimise your facility (choose the right equipment, place the equipment in a practical way, proper working system, marketing and design advices and more if needed).

This way you can have all the assistance you need for a brand new start up or just for a Restaurant-Pinseria improvement with Pinsa Romana.


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Our Testimonials

My restaurant for a long time wasn't going the way I wanted: after consulting with Pinsa Romana Consulting and especially Michele, I'm working like I did in the pre-pandemic period, making my business go full steam ahead

Theresa Baker
Pizzeria Owner

With Michele, I finally rediscovered the joy of doing my job: with Pinsa, I finally found the key to the success of my store

Massimo Lori
Italian Bakery Owner

I was looking for a business to feel like my own, and since I have always liked the culinary field, I looked for what solutions the web offered me: after trying Pinsa Romana Consulting and opening my first Pinseria I am really satisfied with the result. Thank you!!!

Robert D. Perin
Brand-New Pinseria

I requested a consultation from Pinsa Romana Consulting for my Bistrot, the result? A great contribution of knowledge and experience, which allowed me to increase the workload of my restaurant in just a few weeks!

Stacey M. Schirmer
Bistrot Owner

After trying for a long time to turn my restaurant around, I finally decided to go with consulting. I have never made a better decision in my life, kudos to the Pinsa Romana Consulting team.

Nino Kolar
Restaurant Owner