Who we are and how we came to Pinsa Romana

Pinsa Romana Consulting was founded by Michele Pagano, an Italian lawyer and entrepreneur who became passionate about the world of Pinsa Romana thanks to the Di Marco family in 2015.

As the founder and CEO of the Pinsarella Brand, manager of Green Food Srl and Zazza GmbH, president of Pinsarella Holding, and owner of Pinseries and laboratories in both Italy and the U.S.

Michele has dedicated his career to promoting, protecting, and spreading the art of Pinsa Romana. He is also the president of Autentica Pinsa Romana, an association established to further these goals.

At Pinsa Romana Consulting, we believe that the knowledge and experience gained by Michele and his team over the years can be invaluable to other entrepreneurs, professionals, and Pinsa Romana enthusiasts.

Our aim is to make this wealth of information available to those who are interested in starting a business in the world of Pinsa Romana, without having to make the same mistakes and endure the same losses that often accompany new ventures in the food industry.

The world of Pinsa Romana is a relatively new and exciting one, with enormous potential for growth and success, and we are committed to helping others achieve their goals in this field.

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Michele Pagano

President, Italian lawyer and entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Pinsarella Brand. Manager of Green Food, Zazza GmbH, Pinsarella Holding. Owns restaurants, Pinserie, in Italy, Germany and U.S.

Angelo Iezzi

Pizza chef, entrepreneur, food consultant, technician, president and founder of the National School of Pizza and above all president of the API (Italian pizzerias association).

Daniele Bonaiti

Italian entrepreneur and certified Pinsa Romana Chef. Co founder of Pinsarella Holding and restaurant manager. Experienced in running food businesses in Italy and U.S.A.

Federico Fiorentini

IOTDOMUS Franchise Retail COO, Amazon Bestselling author, Fractional MD CDO BDD, FCI Franquicias Italy-Crowd Advisors partner, Uniexport Retail Innovation-Chair IAFP Franchise +800 shops-startupper