Pinsa Romana,
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  • Pinsa Factory
    • Pinseria (Restaurant)
      • Pinsa Shop
        • Upgrade your menu with
          par-baked Pinsa Crust

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Starts your new business with the lighter and healthier version the Authentic Italian Pizza: Our team Follow you through the right steps to open restaurant Pinseria, Pinsa Romana crusts factory, or upgrade your menu with a crusts of Pinsa Romana, the Ancient Roman Pizza.

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We can help anyone looking to make "Pinsa Romana, Roma Style Pizza Pala and Teglia": from basic courses to a full-fledged set-up of your store. Our course makes it possible to fully learn everything about Pinsa Romana. We offer full Pinsa Romana service consulting: custom equipment design, sourcing ingredients (special mix for Pinsa Romana, dusting) , expertise in pizza ovens , high hydration machine, divider, cutter, rounder, mixer, installation, menu development, kitchen design, on-sight training, brand positioning, marketing e more. We customize programs for projects of all sizes and budgets.

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